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First Things First–Determining Your Goals

As we all know, there are a million and one pieces of home exercise equipment on the market, from mundane treadmills and spin-bikes, to outlandishly specialized machines that target only one muscle group. One company was even peddling a dog treadmill not too long ago! With such a variety of home fitness equipment available, some helpful, others not so much, each manufacturer promising guaranteed results, deciding which pieces would add the most power to your home gym can be a daunting task. Where can you invest your hard-earned cash to make the best investment in your health and fitness?

Of course the good old-fashioned treadmills and spin-bikes will help you maintain aerobic exercise and good cardiovascular health, and if that’s the end of what you’re looking for, there’s no harm in sticking with the basics. Thin and trim–no harm, no foul. But if what you want is to sculpt your body, to make your outside mirror the warrior within and craft the physique you really want, then investing in a power rack is an absolute essential. With a customizable body which you can equip with all the pieces you need to perform the routines you want–barbells, weights, benches, and more–a power rack or cage can help you achieve your highest fitness goals, and even empower you to surpass them!

At Fitness Weights we offer a variety of power racks, and smaller alternatives like squat racks and stands, half racks, and total body gyms and smith machines, all of which represent the best value in the industry in terms of quality build, safety features, and of course, price. Here, you’ll be able to find just the right piece to complete your home gym and empower yourself to claim the kind of confidence and physical and emotional benefits that can only come from true, lasting physical fitness. And as we mentioned, our products meet or go beyond industry standards for safety. Our power racks and cages are customizable, offering multiple adjustment options to allow for the safe execution of a variety of lifts without the need of a spotter. And if you’re yearning for a fit, toned body, but the idea of free-weight lifts intimidates you, we also have a variety of total body gyms, or smith machines, with fixed barbells to ease you into weight lifting while still helping you craft a perfect physique.

On the other hand, perhaps you aren’t building a home gym, but rather you own or operate your own commercial gym, and you’re looking to add a quality power rack or power cage to your floor of workout equipment, so that you can attract committed body builders and keep them coming back. Or maybe your gym is tight on space and you don’t have room for a full power rack or power cage. At Fitness Weights, we offer a wide selection of quality squat racks and squat stands, as well as half power racks, to enable you to offer your athletes the best, most varied possible work out experience even if you’re short on space. Are you looking for a total body gym or smith machine to offer a safe space for beginner level lifters? With the plethora of options for sale at Fitness Weights, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, at the best possible price on the market!

Let us assure you, our products are guaranteed to be the best power racks, squat racks, half racks, and total body gyms available. We source our products exclusively from the most trusted brands in the industry. All of the power racks for sale at Fitness Weights, and all of our alternative options, are products built to the highest industry standards, with solid steel constructions, made with safety and effectiveness in mind. At Fitness Weights, you can rest assured knowing that we don’t differentiate between commercial and personal quality. Each and every piece of equipment for sale here is guaranteed to provide you top of the line performance and safety, whether you’re a gym owner looking to expand your equipment, or a motivated individual building an effective home gym.

Whether you’re after that mighty Schwarzenegger build, or you want a sleeker, more slender power–say Ronda Rousey, or Christian Bale as the Dark Night–a power rack can help you achieve the strength, muscle tone, and enduring fitness you really want. As the central piece in your home gym, a power rack can enable you to perform a variety of lifts, pull-ups, and other exercises in the comfort of your own home. Owning this versatile home-fitness tool, you’ll have all the tools and versatility of a gym membership at your fingertips (or in your mighty grip, rather) without the hefty monthly bill or the stress of a commute. We all lead busy lives in this day and age, and investing in a power rack for your home gym can allow you the freedom to plan your workout routines around your busy schedule and achieve your fitness and body building goals without cutting so much into your time, freeing you up to enjoy that strong and sexy body you’re working so hard to build.

Top Strength Training Equipment

Power Racks and Power Cages

Each and every power rack and cage we’ve made available to you offers the highest quality in the industry at the lowest price in the business. In fact, if you find a competitor that is somehow offering a lower price we will actually beat their price! Our power racks are made in a cubical or box shape with a single steel structure that is most often used while standing. The cube shaped steel frame of a full power rack or cage offers you a flexible, fully customizable workout experience with multiple adjustment options to enable the execution of many lifts and exercises, both with a spotter, or safely on your own.

Lifting benches can be used in conjunction with most power racks and cages, and the cube or box configuration allows you to utilize multiple sides of the power rack or cage for storage of the free weight equipment and accessories you need to personalize a workout regimen that will help make your fitness dreams come true and empower you to realize your particular fitness goals. Our racks and cages can be configured to hold a variety of lifting bars and weights for convenient on-hand storage, and they include adjustable safety catches to prevent weights from going beyond a specified point.

Some power racks and cages offer mechanized assisted lift options for safe solo-lifting if you often workout without a spotter. But take our word for it, at Fitness Weights, we make a point of only offering you equipment that meets the highest standards for safety in the industry, and mechanized assisted lifting or not, all of our racks and cages will empower you to hone and tone your body safely, with or without a spotter.

Power racks and power cages are the largest structure offered at Fitness Weights and these pieces are best suited for larger home gyms or as the central piece of smaller home gyms. If space is an issue for you, and you can’t imagine where you’d fit a full-sized power rack or cage, Fitness Weights offers you a variety of alternative options that can empower your workout even if all you’ve got to work with is the corner of your garage or a basement with a low ceiling. At Fitness Weights you’ll find a plethora of smaller options that enable several lifts and exercises while occupying half the space, or less, of a full power rack or cage. We have many alternative power racks for sale, including squat racks and squat stands, half racks, and smith machines or total body gyms. While a full power rack or cage is certainly going to give you the most flexibility in terms of the exercises it empowers you to perform (most cages have a cube or box configuration that allows you to utilize multiple sides of the power rack for storage of free weight equipment and accessories, including lifting benches, and many power racks have at least one overhead crossbar for pull-ups, windshield wipers, hanging leg raises, inverted crunches, etc.), the alternatives we offer can be nearly as effective without taking up so much space.

Squat Racks and Squat Stands

Squat racks, or squat stands, are specifically designed to be used for free weight squats and tend to be about half the height of a power rack or cage and single sided. Whereas full power racks or cages are usually made with a single piece steel construction, squat racks can be either a single piece structure or a double stand (two individual posts) structure. Squat racks and stands do however come with multiple adjustment options, and are most often designed to hold a minimum number of weights and a single lift bar. This slighter build makes squat racks and stands perfect for smaller home gyms, for basements with low ceilings, or that small spot in your garage that’s not full of storage, but not large enough for a full sized power rack or power cage.

Just like our full sized power racks and cages, all of our squat racks and stands are also built with your safety in mind. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when your fitness, health and safety are involved. It’s not worth taking any chances. Manufactured, like all of our products, by the most trusted names in fitness and with most products backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, these squat racks are guaranteed to be some of the highest quality pieces of equipment available. And at Fitness Weights, you are guaranteed to get the lowest price available on the pieces you invest in to complete your home gym.

If you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, sure, I’d like a power rack. It’d help me get the body I’ve always wanted, but the ceiling is so low in my little basement, it’d never work!” well, stop feeling sorry for yourself and invest in a squat rack or squat stand today and go get that strong, sexy build, low ceiling or not!

Half Power Racks

If you want the benefits of a full sized power rack or power cage but can’t quite seem to figure out how you could ever have enough space for that, then why not invest in a half power rack, which takes up less space than a full power cage. The empowering benefits of using a power rack to achieve your ideal workout regimen can be yours with half of the hassle of having to find space for a full sized power rack. We are happy to present you with a wide range of options. For those who need to conserve their gym space, the half power rack is a great option. There is a huge selection of brands and features to choose from, and with the variety of styles, brands and features we offer you, you are guaranteed to discover that perfect piece of equipment fitted perfectly to help you achieve all of your sought after fitness goals.

Half power racks are a space saving, slimmer, more compact option for the home gym user who wants the versatility of a power rack but doesn’t need all of the extra bells and whistles. Much like full sized power racks and cages, half racks have a box configuration, but as their name implies, half racks are anywhere between half and a quarter of the depth of a full power rack or cage, allowing you to save space in a cramped garage or a small home gym. Half racks are best for storing a single lifting bar, but they do supply storage for multiple weights and lifting accessories. And because with a half rack what you are sacrificing is depth, not height as with a squat rack or squat stand, many half racks still have a pull-up bar for doing pull-ups, windshield wipers, hanging leg raises, inverted crunches, etc.

Like full sized power racks and power cages, half racks offer multiple adjustment options. Lifting benches can be used with most half racks, so you can still achieve close to the full range of lifts and exercises as you could with a full sized power rack or cage, while the half rack’s shorter depth allows you to conserve a good deal of space. Reach all of your fitness goals with a half power rack from Fitness Weights. Don’t leave your health and athleticism to just anyone. Choose a company you can trust. There are, unfortunately, some half racks available on the internet that are less than stable, due to faulty construction or sub-par materials, and they can fall. As you can imagine, this could be catastrophic when you are working with heavy weights and lifting equipment. A half power rack that will be safe and stable is worth investing in because nothing can be as annoying and set you back like a minor injury, and nothing can be as tragic as a major injury.

Choose something that will get you closer to your fitness goals while keeping you protected! Just like with our full power racks, power cages, and squat racks and stands, the half power racks for sale at Fitness Weights are guaranteed to provide you all the versatility you need to customize a workout regimen that can take you all the way in achieving your athletic goals. You can rest assured that our half power racks will keep you safe and out of injury whether you’re lifting with a spotter or on your own with their top of the line sturdy, steel frame construction, and safety features that meet the highest safety standards in the industry.

Don’t let that tiny corner of your garage stop you from claiming the fitness and body physique you’ve always dreamed of! Invest in a half power rack from Fitness Weights and make that garage corner the key to mastering your body and crafting the shape and tone you’ve always wanted. Achieve the confidence and all the physical and psychological benefits that come with true, lasting physical fitness!

Total Body Gyms or Smith Machines

Alright, so maybe you don’t want Ronda Rousey’s sculpted warrior frame or Dave Bautista’s mighty musculature. Perhaps you just want to look better and feel better with a tighter, more well toned body, built for a lasting fitness and a sexy physique. But you don’t have the room or desire to create a full home gym, don’t want to fork out the painful monthly fee for a gym membership, and maybe you’ve never lifted weights before and just don’t know where to start. So what’s the solution? How can you stay healthy and build lasting fitness with limited space and funds? Our simple solution is to purchase a total body gym or smith machine! Inexpensive and designed to target areas all over your body, total body gyms are plausible solutions to your exercise anxiety.

Total body gyms, often called smith machines, are designed to be an all in one home gym machine. They are great for small spaces as all of your lifting needs are accommodated by one machine, a machine that still offers multiple adjustment options to allow for vastly different lifts. Better yet, whereas full sized power racks and cages and half power racks are customizable, allowing you to add equipment and accessories–like a lifting bench–as you prefer, one of the best features of the total body gym is the inclusion of a bench in the purchase. Power racks and half racks don’t often include benches, so we think the inclusion of a bench with your total body gym or smith machine makes this kind of machine a really awesome deal and one of the best values available.

Let’s be honest, some of us walk into a gym, look around at all of the different equipment and start feeling overwhelmed by all of the options. Where do we start? How will we have time to work on all of our body? That’s where total body gyms and smith machines come in handy. Like their name suggests, total body gyms come with attachments and pieces of equipment specifically designed for users to work on their entire body. No more anxiety when you begin your workout. With a total body workout machine like our total body gyms, all you have to do is go to the machine and start pumping. No switching machines after 20 minutes because you can simply shift from one exercise to the next without moving very far.

Some gyms require the user to attach different pieces, such as preacher curls, to the machine before you can work on a different part of the body. But pieces are easy to take on and off, so you won’t spend an unreasonable amount of time switching between exercises. Separate pieces lock into place safely, so they won’t fall off while they are in use. These machines are great options for home gyms because they are cost effective and don’t require an entire room to set up and store.

These all-in-one gyms take up less space than full sized power racks or cages, and all of your workouts can be done on this one machine. So you could easily place it in a corner of the garage or your living room and still have space to perform all of your daily workout routines. We care about your health and fitness, so we offer total body gyms because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to shape and tone muscles all over their body.

A Challenge

Don’t let lack of space, lack of funds, or anxiety about starting a lifting regimen stop you from achieving your fitness dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter looking to maintain your warrior physique, a gym owner interested in expanding your equipment, or a motivated beginner ready to start crafting the body fitness and confidence you’ve yearned for, at Fitness Weights, we guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for, and whatever you choose to purchase, it will be the best investment you could possibly make in your fitness and the quality of your life!