Looking At Basic Weight Lifting Equipment For Your Home Gym

By: store owner

Putting together your own gym at home is a lot easier when you know the basic weight lifting equipment you will need for doing so. While some pieces are simply for the bodybuilder that maintains muscles, there are also many pieces that will help you to get to that point. Check out these basic pieces of equipments for making the most of your workouts.

Every gym and muscle building workout will require you to have free weights. In lifting them, there are a couple of items you will need. The most important ones, of course, are the weights. A barbell is also needed for the weights. Most standard size barbells are between four and seven feet long. The type of weights you choose will help you determine the the best bar.

Some weights are flat while others are not. Flat weights will allow you to add more wight to your barbell. Beginners should also consider adding a couple of dumbbells as well for bicep workouts only. You can find several sizes and weights for dumbbells. Talking to a trainer or someone you know about the best weights and dumbbells to start off with is a good idea.

Barbells come in an assortment of styles, each one suited to certain kinds of exercises. You might think about choosing a couple for your home gym to make doing several lifts easier and more effective. One you might think about is a curling bar while another is a triceps bar. Each one has variable weights options as well. You can add weights as you become stronger like you would with a barbell.

The benches you select are important. Some are for simply weights and other incorporate other workouts into lifts. You might consider adding the basic flat bench to your gym in addition to one for certain exercises not involving weights. A hyper extension bench or preacher bench would be great choices for using along with a flat version.

While you may want to get a rack for storing your weights on, you will also need to think about one that is designed for working out on as well. The power rack is an excellent choice because it will allow you the option of performing several exercises. Pulling up is an awesome way to warm up and to strengthen muscles using this rack. You could also think about a squat rack for adding leg strengthening workout to your weights.

Several versions of workout machines are available and they are not required for your home gym set to be a great one for getting started. However, some machines are excellent for increasing the level of your workouts. You can choose from machines that help you to work specific parts of the body or one that will allow you to incorporate a full body workout.

Getting fit and healthier is easier when you do not have to travel to a gym. Having one at home will increase your time to workout and it is much more affordable. The benefits of having your own weight lifting equipment are great for a variety of reasons.

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