Taking A Look At Olympic Weight Lifting Equipment

By: Store Owner

Before you go out and spend a great deal of money on Olympic weight lifting equipment, making sure you have a clear idea about the workout goals you have is important. The kinds of equipment you buy is determined by the exercises you plan to do. Follow these tips for making the best choices.

Choosing the basic items you will need for getting the most out of workout is vital. Every professional or amateur should have certain parts of their workout detailed down to the basics. One piece you should make sure to have is the proper 7ft Olympic barbell. Keep in mind an Olympic sized barbell is larger than a standard one and is able to hold more weights. There are several grades of Olympic barbells, there is the regular bar, silver bar, bronze bar, gold bar and zinc bar. All of these Olympic barbells are designed to hold higher or lower weight loads. For example it is recommended to stay below 600lb weight load with the regular bar, but with the gold Olympic bar you can go up to 1500lbs! Those people serious about their workout should be sure to get the proper barbell.

If you are starting out as a beginner, you might want to closely consider the purchase of Olympic weight lifting equipment. Most beginners using the larger Olympic 7ft barbell should get a complete plate set of at least 300 pounds. This is a figure set for larger barbells as opposed to a standard sized one. Olympic weight sets come in 300 to 500 pound sets and they can come with or without the barbell and spring collars included. It is also possible to buy specific size olympic weight plates by the pound rather than the entire set, but for starters you should buy the entire set and then as you fine tune your workout to can add weight plates as needed.

Exercises like lunges, squats, and overhead presses will require you to have another basic piece of equipment called a power rack. This piece will allow you to safely preform some of the core exercises that also include the Olympic barbell. Check with a fitness retailer about the power rack you will need for a good start in strength training and workouts. For example, beginners or people who are not interested in power lifting may want to consider the Smith Machine style power rack. Many people also refer the to power rack as the power cage.

Having a gym set up in your home has its advantages. You may not have the complete set of equipment you may use in a gym, but you will have more time to devote to consistent workouts. Being able to jump on a workout any time in your home sure beats getting ready to drive to the gym every time you need to lift or exercise.

For a complete, well rounded workout, you might also think about adding a dumbbell set to your collection of Olympic Weight lifting equipment. Many resistance exercises use dumbbells and these kinds of exercises can be substitutes for heavier lifting when you are short on time or energy. Check with your local sports retailer about the various types of free weights available for you to choose from.

When selecting weight lifting equipment to add to your gym set, you should also consider a heart and the cardio workout that you need to stay in good condition. Many people like a brisk morning run for cardiovascular exercise. However, you can get one using a treadmill or exercise bike as well. This is especially good for the rainy and snowy days you are not able to get out and jog.

Nothing is more important then your health and how you take care of it. By learning about the basic Olympic weight lifting equipment you need for putting together a home gym, you are taking the steps for being healthy. Your body will love you for it and you also get the benefit of looking and feeling awesome.

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