Places To Purchase Used Weight Lifting Equipment From

By: Store Owner

Whether you are a school athlete, fitness competitor, bodybuilder or just beginning to exercise, a fitness routine is essential for success. You may be able to exercise outside, but in certain situations, such as inclement weather, you may need to move your exercise regiment indoors. Over time, you may also find it necessary to save on money on gym fees. One way to do this is to assemble your own collection of weight lifting equipment. A home gym may include exercise videos, dumbbells, balls, jump ropes and Olympic bars. One of your more costlier purchases may be weight lifting equipment. However, you can save money by purchasing used weight lifting equipment.

Visit local gyms and recreation centers. Many gyms replace their equipment periodically. This may happen biannually or in three to five year cycles. Inquire at several gyms to ascertain how often they change gear. Find out from the gym director if and how they sell gear to the general public.

Contact local schools and universities. Like gyms, university and school athletic departments also replace their gear, though generally less frequently than community gyms. Contact the athletic director for more information. Be sure to contact both public and private schools and universities.

Visit thrift stores. When individuals are looking to switch to different weight lifting equipment or simply have no more use for it, they often donate it to thrift stores. The gear is generally cleaned and if possible, minor repairs are made before it is put out for sale. In addition to thrift stores, visit consignment and pawn shops to look for equipment.

Look online. Advertisements for used gear are often posted online. General marketplaces, auction sites and classified sites are examples of places online to find equipment sales.

Go to retail stores. It is also possible to find used gear at retail stores. This usually happens when the gear is returned by a customer, but is not suitable to be sold at the retail price. In other cases, a display model that has been tested by several customers may be sold at a reduced price.

Look in the classifieds. Local newspapers often include a classified section. Scour those ads as well as specialty classified newspapers and supplements to find gear for sale.

Look on bulletin boards. Community bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundromats and libraries often include fliers with items for sale. Also, if possible, check out the bulletin boards at local colleges and universities for postings by students and faculty members looking to sell their unwanted gear.

Go to yard sales. Individuals also look to sell their used workout gear at yard and garage sales. Notices for such sales can be found online, in newspapers as well as via yard signs and fliers. Be sure to visit estate sales, flea markets and auctions as well.

A home gym can be as simple or as extensive as your space and budget allows. Among workout bars, ropes and balls, consider purchasing used weight lifting equipment as a way to save when assembling your home workout space.

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