The Various Types Of Weight Lifting Equipment

By: store owner

Commercial health clubs and gyms have plenty of equipment that is used by fitness enthusiasts to attain the right shape. Weight lifting equipment is available in many forms. These are meant to build muscle and tone the body to the desired outline. Here are some devices commonly used by weight lifters.

In a gym, one is likely to see free weights. These lack any lifting aids, and the lifter must use their strength to overcome gravity. They come in the form of plates, whose weight ranges between 2.5 and 100 pounds. Long barbells are normally used to join these plates in pairs.

To prevent the plates from falling while in use, they are secured using safety collars which are placed on either end of the bars. To use these weights, assorted benches are required. These are used to provide support when doing bench and shoulder presses.

There are also weight lifting machines whose principle of operation is derived from elementary physics. Such devices include lat pull-downs, seated overhead presses, abdominal crunches and chest presses. They have a system of pulleys to enable one lift smoothly and easily. These machines are normally suited for toning particular parts of the body, such as a bicep curl.

Some have criticized such machines for not allowing the lifter free movement and the presence of a stabilizer which reduces amount of user effort required. The machines are however beneficial for beginners who have not yet attained the strength to control barbells. They allow such people build enough muscle and strength with minimal chance of sustaining injury.

Hammer strength is another type of equipment that has not yet found its way into most gyms. It is a patented device which combines the benefit of free weights with the safety offered by machines. Users load weight plates onto the device pegs and buckle themselves to the equipment to avoid slipping. Most of its pieces are connected using only two joints. This allows the user to lift weights using either one limb at a time or in unison. These devices come in forms such as seated shoulder presses, seated rows and lat pull-downs.

Bow-flexes are other patent devices that use a system of composite rods. The weight is determined by both rod size and degree of difficulty in bending it. The rods have their poundage similar to that of free plates. Users of this device also benefit from the safety offered by machines. They must however use stabilizing muscles while handling the bars.

There are also functional devices whose mode of working is non-traditional. This is because they require the use of bells, which stimulate throwing and catching. This makes their mode of functioning quite different from that of conventional devices.

Such weight lifting equipment is used for push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. They are common in most gyms and health clubs, mainly because most people give such exercises priority in order to gain strength. The devices come in the form of high-mounted bars, dip bars and roman chairs. Kettle-bells also fall into this category.

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