Weight Lifting FAQs

Question: “Why should I get a power rack or stand instead of just lifting weights without one?”

Answer: The most important reason to use a power rack cage or stand is safety. Racks and stands are especially important if you prefer to workout and lift alone. When you take advantage of the solid structure of a power rack, half rack, or stands you are also taking advantage of safety catches and pins.

If you were to miss a lift, those catches can save you from painful injuries or expensive damage to equipment, furniture, and floors. By using the adjustable catches, you can help ensure that your form is correct and get the most out of each rep.

Question: “What kinds of exercises can I do with a half rack / power rack?”

Answer: While you can perform most of the same exercises successfully and safely with either option, please remember that there is a very significant size difference between a half rack and a power rack / cage. Be sure to carefully measure your space to ensure that once your power rack is built you’re able to get to it!

Brief List of Rack Exercises:

weight-lifting-chalk.jpgBarbell Curls

— Primary Target: Biceps

— Secondary Target: Forearms

Barbell Shrug

— Primary Target: Trapezius

Bench Press

— Primary Target: Chest

— Secondary Target: Shoulders, Triceps

Bent Over Rows

— Primary Target: Lats

— Secondary Target: Back, Biceps, Rear Deltoids

Inverted Rows

— Primary Target: Upper back

— Secondary Target: Rear Deltoids

Overhead Press

— Primary Target: Shoulders

— Secondary Target: Triceps

Rack Lockout

— Primary Target: Triceps

— Secondary Target: Chest, Shoulders

Pull Ups of all types (if your rack or cage has a pull up bar).

Question: “How can I use a power rack, stand, or cage to increase my bench press?”

Answer: Sometimes, using more weight is not the answer to upping your bench press weight. The gym gurus at Fitness Weights recommend mixing in partial bench presses to up your bench.

To get the benefit of a partial press, set the pins on you power rack, stand, or cage at the midway point of your normal bench press. This helps to increase your strength above your sticking point and is key to increasing overall strength.

Question: “What do I really save by buying a power rack, stand, or cage for my lifts rather than going to the gym?”

Answer: This is a great question and many people have contacted us at Fitness Weights to ask it! From what we’ve heard, a lot of individuals choose to do their cardio exercises at home (who likes waiting in line for an elliptical at the gym?) and weights at their local gym once or twice a week. The biggest thing you save is TIME, which equals money and peace of mind.

Generally speaking, we’ve gathered that the average gym goer spends about an hour and a half of their day or more each time they go to the gym.


15 minutes commuting.

5 minutes waiting for equipment to become available.

5-10 minutes spent people watching.

5-10 minutes chit-chatting with gym buddies.

60 minutes training.


30 minutes commuting.

10-15 minutes waiting for equipment to become available.

10-15 minutes spent people watching.

10-15 minutes chit-chatting with gym buddies.

60 minutes training.

With the help of a power rack, cage, or stand you can pretty much eliminate everything except for section 5. What could you do if you had all that extra time before or after a workout?

Question: “I want to build my own home gym. I’ve picked the perfect power rack / stand / cage, but what ELSE do you recommend?”

Answer: This question always leads to some pretty epic debates among the gym gurus here at Fitness Weights. And, we’ll admit, sometimes we like to ask this question just to watch the show!

gym motivationIn the end, the one thing that all of our gurus agree on is the fact that a home gym needs to have whatever tools YOU need to achieve your PERSONAL goals. Keeping that in mind, here’s what we recommend.

    • Jumprope(s)
    • Kettlebell(s)
    • Medicine Ball(s)
    • Motivation!!!
      • Posters
      • Pictures
      • Quotes
    • Plyometrics box(es)
    • Progress Chart
      • Even if your goal is weight loss or gain / losing or gaining inches, our gurus recommend NOT tracking your daily weight or measurements as they are not a good way to show progress. Muscle weighs more than fat, after all.
      • Instead, track how many days a month you’ve worked out, the length of time you’ve worked out, the number of reps you’ve done. These are going to be a more accurate, and satisfying, way to show your progress.
      • If you feel you MUST track your progress based on a body measurement, we recommend tracking by your pant size, shirt size, undergarment size, and even shoe size! Even if the scale doesn’t move because you’re replacing muscle with fat your clothes will still FIT differently.
    • Rebounder
    • Set of hand weights
    • Stability Ball
    • Yoga Mat / Foam Tiles

Question: “Where do you recommend looking for quality power racks and fitness equipment?”

Answer: Fitness Weights, of course. Our selection of full racks, half racks, squat racks, power cages, total body gyms, benches, and accessories is one of the best out there. Not only that, but we stock our inventory with only the highest quality equipment from the most trusted brands. Check us out for yourself by visiting Fitness Weights, now!


Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Fit!