Fitness Equipment by Brand

From squat stands to power cages, you have options. We offer exercise equipment made by a variety of different brands, and in a variety of styles. We offer options because everyone is different and we all have specific ways that we work out. Browse through our selection of squat stands, power cages, racks, and half racks to find equipment that meets your needs.

Machines for commercial and home gyms are available, and can be mixed and matched however you desire. With Fitness Weights, it’s totally up to you! Many machines come with height adjustments so that you can fit your equipment to your body. There’s nothing worse than working out incorrectly because the equipment you use can’t be adjusted to your specifications. And working out incorrectly can strain your muscles and actually do more bad than good – so choose adjustable, high quality exercise equipment through Fitness Weights.

With tons of options for squat racks, power racks, and half racks there’s no excuse to not meet your fitness goals. Free weights, squat stands, and tons of other products are available not just for the commercial gym, but for your very own home! There are even total body gyms, so if you’re worried about the space and money to build your own gym, you shouldn’t be.

Want safety? A Smith machine is definitely the way to go. This machine is perfect for solo workouts because it has been built with user safety in mind. Safety catches throughout the bar glides lock into place, keeping you safe from heavy weights.

And then there are full size power racks and power cages, perfect for commercial or larger home gyms. These large pieces of equipment are ideal for pull ups and free weights, but some of them also include Smith machines and other attachments, so the possibilities are nearly endless.

Squat racks are also available, many of which are lightweight so they can be moved or stored to accommodate you and your space. Are you out of excuses yet? Buy the best through Fitness Weights.

Still have questions about what equipment will work best for you or your gym? Check out our Buyers Guide and FAQ page. Need some ideas about nutrition or a boost for your motivation? Take a look at our growing library of articles. When in doubt, our Customer Service Team is always happy to answer questions, make suggestions, and hear your feed back, too!