Power racks offer an ideal place to sculpt your muscles and work on your fitness goals. BodyCraft designs state of the art power racks for both commercial and home gyms, so whether you need a rack for personal use or one that can be used by multiple people on a regular basis, BodyCraft has the power rack for you.

Commercial racks are heavier and are built to endure longer amounts of use, while lighter racks are better for home use. Each heavy duty rack is designed with the sturdiest steel, has been welded rigidly, and has the weight to ensure your safety while you are doing pull ups or lifting weights. Some racks come with additional safety features, such as spotter arms or safety spotters, designed specifically for people who enjoy working out solo. These racks take the place of the traditional spotter, so if you happen to be in the gym alone, or you know someone who enjoys going solo, all of you can still get the workout you desire. All power racks come with bars for chin ups and pull ups, so you don’t need additional materials to begin using this equipment. Each rack comes with an excellent warranty so you can rest assured you’ve made a wise purchasing decision. BodyCraft cares about the careful crafting of your body and with these meticulously constructed power racks, you can start molding your body to meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. And with affordable prices through Fitness Weights, you can only go right when you purchase a BodyCraft power rack.