Quantum Fitness

When you have serious goals you want to achieve and you’ve been lifting weights for awhile, you need a high impact machine that will help you reach your goals and feel great about yourself and your exercise routine. Quantum Fitness offers high impact power racks designed to push you to your limits and beyond for first-rate results.

These racks are commercial grade so they work best in a commercial gym where they will be used by a variety of people throughout the day. Smith machines are great for people who lift alone, as they have safety features that prevent the weight bar from falling onto the user. All Quantum Fitness products are made with high quality metal to ensure the safest and most effective workouts.

With Quantum power racks you not only get a high-quality, durable power rack for weight lifting, you also get weight storage on the sides of your racks for convenient and safe storage both during and in between your workouts. Unlike some racks, these power racks allow you to safely store your weights while you are working out, so you don’t have to move the weights before and after you begin lifting. These racks also boast multiple starting positions, so you can adjust the bar accordingly and lift the correct way for your body type and height. Quantum has even designed their racks with high density polymer racking systems to reduce the noise during your workout, so your workout jam never gets interrupted and you can easily carry on a conversation with your gym buddies. Don’t pass up these spectacular commercial power racks by Quantum Fitness!