The strength training program always revolves around commercial weight lifting equipment. Dumbells have been a favorite exercise tool of bodybuilders, power lifters and amateur weight lifters for many years. Dumbells used in combination with a bench can easily facilitate a full body workout. Anyone who has used weight lifting equipment can testify to its effectiveness! The exercise options are myriad: lunges, bent over rows, flys, arm curls and military press are just a few of the options available with dumbbells. A primary benefit of the dumbell workout is that it works your stabilizer muscles due to the fact that each arm moves independently as compared to a barbell or machine style equipment. Take advantage of the many benefits that dumbell weight lifting equipment has to offer and you will look and feel your best in no time at all. Plus, save lots of time and money by working out in your own home! No more commuting to the health club or monthly gym fees!