Squat Stands

You work hard to maintain your physique, and you need exercise equipment that will stand the test of time with you. With these squat racks, you get the perfect addition to your home gym – a place to perform exercises that will target muscles all over your body. Our stands are sold either as two separate towers or one connected tower for additional weight stability.

Most racks come with weight storage so you can easily store your weights in your down time without having to buy equipment specifically for weight storage. Choose stands that will help you target the areas you’re most concerned about, as well as stands that best fit your height and specific weight lifting needs. The majority of these stands can cater to both standard and Olympic weights, so you get to decide which weights work best for your exercise goals and routines.

Made with the strongest steel, these squat stands can withstand your toughest iron pumping sessions. Not only are they made of sturdy and durable material, they have been designed for your safety and convenience when you’re pumping strong or when you’re taking a break. And one of the best parts is you get to decide how stable and versatile a squat rack you want. We offer squat racks in two pieces or one both for weight stability and the option to use a bench, so you’re not limited to one choice of squat stand. Because these stands are best for home gyms, we want to give you the options and versatility that every home gym needs, that’s why we offer different styles and brands of stands, so you can choose the stand that will work best for your lifestyle.

If you’re like most people, you want exercise equipment that is easy to use and easy to move. These squat racks are lightweight, so you can easily set them up permanently in a home gym, or move them into a storage area when not in use. And when you’re ready to move to a new house, you can take your squat rack with you without straining the muscles you’ve worked on. What more could you want in quality exercise equipment?

These racks are designed for both beginners and people who are serious about weightlifting. With options to choose from, you’ll find the stand that is perfect for you, so you can start or continue strengthening those upper and lower body muscles and gain the physique and health that is best for you.