Vinyl Coated Dumbbell Weight Lifting Equipment 1-10lb BSTVDS110 

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Body Solid Vinyl Coated Dumbbell Weight Lifting Equipment 1-10lb pairs have a futuristic look and feel and are very practical for the lower intensity workout. The lighter design and softer features make them more ideal for some exercises then the traditional Olympic weight lifting equipment dumbbell sets. The vinyl dumbbell weight lifting equipment style is perfect for home use and are also plenty useful in the commercial health club setting for both group and individual fitness. While working out be assured that the vinyl coating will minimize any potential damage that this low intensity weight lifting equipment can do to adjacent furniture. Maintenance is a breeze and the easy to grip vinyl coated cast iron dumbbells are a perfect addition to your home collection of weight lifting equipment. They are color coordinated and are arranged in incremental weights from 1 lb to 10 lbs. Use these modern workout tools to safely and swiftly glide your way to lifelong fitness!


1 lb. Pink
2 lb. Light Purple
3 lb. Green
4 lb. Light Gray
5 lb. Blue
6 lb. Red
7 lb. Dark Purple
8 lb. Black
9 lb. Yellow
10 lb. Orange

Vinyl Dumbbell Features:

1. Ideal for a variety of personal or group exercises, including jogging and power walking, aerobics, general exercise, physical therapy and even yoga routines.

2. No roll hex-ends for easy stacking and storage.

3. No-roll hex-ends allow for easy stacking and convenient storage.

4. Incremental weight equipment between 1lb and 10lbs. let you vary the intensity of your workouts.

5. Weight designations are permanently stamped onto barbell ends, so sweat and cleaning will not wear them off.

6. Durable vinyl coating is easy to grip and easy to clean.

7. Bright, color-coordinated weight increments let you grab just the right dumbbells for your chosen workout.

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