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The EXM3000LPS Home Gym weight lifting equipment built by Body Solid is the result of very thorough research and engineering that is the trademark of all Body Solid cpmmercial weight lifting equipment. However, with the EXM3000LPS they may have achieved perfection! Body Solid's hard work is immediately evident when you begin to use the EXM3000LPS. Every part of this professional weight lifting equipment features cutting edge ergonomic design and it functions with elegant precision.

I always recommend that you buy weight lifting equipment that comes complete with a leg press option and the EXM3000LPS fits the bill. Th EXM3000LPS comes complete with a state of the art leg press offering up to 420 lbs of total combined weight resistance! In addition, the EXM3000LPS commercial weight lifting equipment features a multi-function Press Arm Station incline press, chest supported mid-row exercises, bench press and shoulder press. The range delimiters on the Perfect Pec station allows users to achieve deeper muscle penetration for faster, more defined results. Don't forget about the Durafirm pads that are specially designed for lumbar support and ensure that EXM3000LPS is the most comfortable on the market today! The pads are will never bottom out and feature double stitching - guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Suited to work up to 3 users at the same time this commercial quality weight lifting equipment will satisfy the most ardent of workout enthusiasts and take up surprisingly little space! Both 210 pound weight stacks are within easy reach to ensure a optimal strength workout with safe and quick weight selection. The weight stacks can be combined to achieve up to 420 lbs of combined resistance and they contain specially designed nylon bushings to ensure smooth and quiet motion.

This is one of the best alternatives to OLympic weight lifting equipment in the industry and if Body Solid keeps building them up to this high standard they will soon be out of business because you will never need to buy weight lifting equipment again!

Weight Lifting Equipment Tech Specs:

Total Machine Weight: 940 pounds
Warranty: In-Home Lifetime / Light Institutional
Capacity 2 users
Dimensions: 83" Height x 91" Length x 73" Width

Weight Lifting Equipment Stations:

A. Leg press station - Use up to 420 pounds of resistance with the 2:1 ratio feature by combining the dual 210 weight stacks to maximize you leg workout. Ensure proper bio-mechanics with the unique 2 bar linkage that self aligns the angle of the leg press plate eliminating ankle strain. Also, included is the sealed ball bearings and pillow block for precision alignment and friction free movement. The leg press station can also be used for a calf muscle workout.

B. Mid pulley station - work your abdominals and oblique muscles and create your 6 pack abs to show off at the beach, unique design permits absolute isolation of the stomach muscle groups. Design also permits optimal triceps extension work.

C. Perfect pectoral fly station - is ultimately a 2 function station that allows maximum development of rear deltoid and pec muscles. Dual over head CAMS with 6 increment settings per arm allow fine tuning for accurate pre-stretch w/optimal bio-mechanical movement.

D. High pulley station - used for lat pull downs features unique easy access hold down rollers that fit all size users with no need for adjustment. An Ideal upper back, shoulder, and tri workout.

E. Low pulley station - seated rows are a must to achieve a well developed lower and middle back including the often overlooked lower lats. Low pulley swivel mechanism makes it ideal for leg abduction. cable curls, shrugs, upright rows and many more exercises.

F. Multi press station - Combines 3 stations into one; chest, shoulder and back with maximum concentration on the targeted muscle groups. Adjustable pads ensure that all size users get full range of motion.

G. Leg development station (leg extensions and curls) - strengthen your knees along with quads and hamstrings. CAM feature ensures precise bio mechanical form for all size users.

Weight Lifting Equipment Accessories

Included: 2/210 weight stacks, Lat Bar, Low Row Bar, solid steel weight stack shrouds (for enhanced appearance and improved safety), Durafirm pads, Utility

Strap and Workout Poster w/Workout DVD

Optional: (VKR30) Knee raise and Dip station, add to cart below

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VKR30 Dip/Knee Raise for EXM3000LPS Weight Lifting Equipment
VKR30 Dip/Knee Raise for EXM3000LPS Weight Lifting Equipment
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Sale Price: $279.00
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