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The Powerline P2X Home Gym Weight Lifting Equipment w/160 Lb weight stack combines the traditional gym exercises that you would perform with Olympic weight lifting equipment with a functional pulley system that permits you to get creative with your daily exercise routine. The pulley system is swivel enhanced and will allow you to benefit from working the often neglected stabilizer muscle groups that you can target while doing exercises such as pectoral flys or converging presses. This specially engineered pulley system also features low, mid and high pulley capabilities to permit you to fully round out your exercise routine and maximize the benefits of your new professional weight lifting equipment. Another important aspect that is included with the P2X Home Gym is the adjustable seat pad and the two way adjustable back pad to ensure proper starting position for all weight lifting equipment users.

P2X Weight Lifting Equipment Highlights:

The P2X weight lifting equipment is perfect for any size user, the special design provides free range movements and an exceptional range of motion. The state of the art design also requires little space in your office or home gym. The P2X by Body Solid is another great example of this manufacturer's renowned creativity in engineering affordable, compact and high quality home gym and they have shown the fitness world once again that it is possible to get a total body workout in a compact space.

You will appreciate the traditional aspects of the P2X which allow the user to conduct mid row, shoulder press and incline press exercises. In addition, the leg developer station features a bearing pivot point system to provide smooth and natural leg curl and extension exercises. Pull the optimal exercise routine together with the functional training arms which adds a more synergistic modern approach to your regular workout routine. Use the modern elements of the P2X weight lifting equipment to focus on elements such as core stability, balance and efficiency of movements that you use in your everyday life. Last but not least, the product has an aesthetic touch, the graceful arcs and brushed steel finish looks great in any home gym.

P2X Weight Lifting Equipment Tech Specs:

Oval Tubing
Pivoting Cable Handles
Chest Supported Mid-Row
Warranty: Powerline 10 Years on the frame - 1 Year on all other parts

Dimensions: 83"H x 71"L x 66"W
Product Weight: 391 Lb.
Chest, Incline & Shoulder Presses
Adjustable Back & Seat Pad

Recommended P2X Weight Lifting Equipment Accessories

The optional (PLPX) leg press (not included, add to cart below) for complete leg workout. Also, recommended is the SP50 50 Lb weight stack addition to improve load resistance to 210 lb.

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PLPX Leg Press Weight Lifting Equipment Attachment
PLPX Leg Press Weight Lifting Equipment Attachment
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