Kettlebell Weight Lifting Equipment Set 5-75lb (KBS5-75) 

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5-75 lb Kettlebell Weight Lifting Equipment Set - Kettlebells have become a popular new trend on the health club scene and in the best Olympic weight lifting equipment collections across the country. Exercising with kettlebells is no longer considered an archaic Russian workout regimen. It has become more popular in western health clubs and home gyms after it became evident that it is an extremely effective form of professional weight lifting equipment. All spectrums of the fitness world have adopted the kettlebell and it is not uncommon on any given day to see everyone from housewives to celebrities to business executives or professional athletes and trainers performing the most advanced kettlebell routines with perfect form. Now you too can enjoy the many benefits of kettlebell training in the comfort and convenience of your own home gyms with your own discount weight lifting equipment.

Kettlebell workouts have long been a favorite of hurdlers, throwers, jumpers, and sprinters. You can perform pulls, overhead throws, squats and rotational training and much more. This effective and versatile weight lifting equipment resembles a cannonball with a handle and is considered to be a form of cast iron weights. Kettlebell training develops power, endurance, strength and balance.

Includes: (1)5lb. (1)10lb. (1)15lb. (1)20lb. (1)25lb. (1)30lb.(1)35lb. (1)40lb. (1)45lb. (1)50lb. (1)55lb. (1)60lb. (1)65lb. (1)70lb. (1)75lb.

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Dumbbell/Kettlebell Weight Lifting Equipment Racks GDKR100
Dumbbell/Kettlebell Weight Lifting Equipment Racks GDKR100
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