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Thank you for expressing an interest in purchasing my profitable website. FITNESSWEIGHTS.NET is being offered for sale in combination with several other websites:


The sales and income history is listed below note that 90% of the income comes from and also note that I shut down the checkout pages of all my websites in November 2012 so all sales data is for 2010 and 2011. ****Note***  ALL income is only from search engine results there was no money spent on sales and marketing. The cost of sales is the cost of the equipment from the drop shipping company, cost includes shipping.  


2010 Gross Income - $42,728 USD

2010 Cost of Sales - 32,379_USD__

2010 Net Income $10,349

*net income is inclusive of Paypal fees but does not include webhosting, SSL, domain registration


Due to the fact that I was traveling abroad during 2011 (and still currently am outside the US) I removed the contact phone numbers, I believe that this explains the drop in gross income from the year 2010 to 2012. Customers understandably want to speak with a sales representative prior to making a large ticket purchase. Gross income also was reduced in 2011 from 2010 due to the fact that the website checkout process was disabled for November and December of 2011 and are still presently disabled.


2011 Gross income $21,970 USD

2011 Cost of Sales $ 17,182 USD___

Net income $4788 USD

*net income is inclusive of Paypal fees but does not include webhosting, SSL, domain registration. 


I will be happy to provide evidence of income for serious inquiries.

All infomation within the websites including articles, product descriptions and other info is original. (with the exception of and which are only used for link exchanges) 

Please contact me for more sales info and background info on the websites: edwin1 at fitnessweights dot net  Sales price for the website package is negotiable. 


I am aware of the fact that SSL has expired on several of the websites. Due to the fact that they are not currently generating income I have allowed them to expire to save costs. 

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