Best Trampoline Options to Rebound your Way into Shape

If you think jumping on a trampoline is for little kids, you should check out rebounding. The exercise does involve jumping on a small or “mini” trampoline, but it can be altered to your fitness level with weights and repetitions. The health benefits of rebounding include:

Still think it’s just for kids? NASA has completed many studies on the benefits of rebounding for astronauts. A common conclusion is that the exercise provides a great workout for building skeletal strength without overtaxing the heart. It’s a serious workout. Some gyms even have classes for rebounding.

How to Rebound

This isn’t dating advice, but it’s a guide to how to use a mini trampoline effectively. The most basic trampoline bounce starts with standing with your feet 6 inches apart. Bend your knees and then straighten them to begin the bounce. When you’re bouncing about 6 inches off of the surface of the trampoline, you are officially working out. Now repeat at least 30 times.

If that’s not challenging enough, pick up some weights. Do jumping jacks with weights on the rebounder trampoline. Start low with 3 to 5 lbs and work your way up to heavier weights. Low weight and more reps is always a great workout too. Other rebounder-appropriate weight exercises include front and side arm raises, biceps and triceps with a bounce and lateral skiers.

Build a workout routine around your schedule. Even rebounding for 15 minutes at a day will have some positive health benefits. There are about as many options for rebounding exercises as there are for weight room free weight exercises. Be aware of your physical limitations and invent some new exercises on your rebounder.

Where to Rebound

Although some gyms will have rebounder trampolines, the best trampoline option may be having one in your home. Rebounders are typically less than $500 and take up less room in your workout area than a typical treadmill or elliptical. They are also easier to transport and can be taken apart and put away. It’s an easy piece of gym equipment to store in your house.

Rebound for Health

Although exercising often feels like work, rebounding can be fun. It feels like flying, if only briefly. Plus, having a workout you enjoy makes you more likely to stick with it. Rebounding can give you a positive attitude about exercise again.