Self-Reflection For Fitness Set-Backs [Infographic]

We’ve all been there. You’ve been working on your fitness goals for weeks, without seeing the results you want. The temptation to give up sets in. Suddenly, showing up to that appointment with your personal trainer seems pointless. Watching TV seems like a better use of your time (and your yoga pants) than going to class. You feel like you’ve failed, and you aren’t sure why.

Well, we are here to tell you that fitness failures happen — a lot. Everyone struggles with set-backs, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. You see, while everyone experiences failure, everyone also has the opportunity to experience success. Failure is just another opportunity to see what isn’t working and change the game plan. When you have a setback in achieving your fitness goals, that’s when you know it’s time to take a breath and re-evaluate.

How do you do this? posed this question to manyprofessional fitness trainers: “What solutions do you give your clients who are experiencing fitness failures?” They got a ton of responses, filled with some great feedback. Trainers are passionate about what they do, and they want nothing more than to see you succeed. That’s why they were so excited to share their professional expertise and advice with you. gathered the fantastic advice they received, and organized it into an infographic.

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Best wishes on your fitness journey!

If you’ve experienced some fitness failures, you aren’t alone. Fitness maintenance and a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. It takes motivation, dedication, and persistence. If you find yourself struggling, maybe it’s time to ask yourself why you aren’t getting the results you were hoping for.

We’ve asked some great fitness trainers out there about the most common challenges people hit and how to overcome them, so here’s some troubleshooting questions and solutions to help you succeed.

#1 Am I relying on others to motivate me?

Personal trainers are great allies on your path to fitness, but they are guides — not guardians. When it comes to getting fit, personal responsibility is key. Don’t expect someone else to be your inner voice and force to act. No one can make it happen but you.

Solution: To succeed with fitness, you have to want it. Trainers set examples, provide knowledge and tools; however, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if it is important enough for you to work at it. (Catalyst Athletics)

#2 Am I setting realistic goals?

No one goes from couch potatoing to marathon running overnight, nor should you try to. Give your body time to adjust, and take it one step at a time. Don’t start out trying to run five miles a day if you get winded going up your stairs. Be realistic in what you can do right now to make some changes and improve.

Solution: Start with making just one change. Make it a part of your routine. Once it feels like second nature, pick something else to change. Don’t do it all at once. (JCD Fitness)

#3 Am I miserable in my workout?

Success seldom results from hatred and misery. If you dread working out, change it! There is no one set of exercises that you must do in order to be healthy. Fitness should be something you enjoy doing. Get moving in a way that is fun for you.

Solution: Remember that movement is a vital part of life. We can’t have a healthy life without it. Learn about different ways to get movement in, and find one that works for you. (Justin Grinnell — Grinneltraining)

#4 Am I too stuck in my comfort zone?

Change is uncomfortable for many people. Once set in a way, change and challenge can be frustrating and intimidating. Don’t despair! Remind yourself of your goals, and before long, those lifestyle changes will be the new normal.

Solution: Ask yourself why you want to be fit and active. Is it important enough to you to make the necessary lifestyle changes? You have to make the choice. (Dai Manuel)

#5 Am I letting an injury hold me back?

Physical injuries are serious, but they don’t have to end your fitness routines. Obviously, if you bust your knee, you probably aren’t going to be doing squats anytime soon, but you could still workout other parts of your body. Don’t let your injury take you out of the game because it’s always harder to get back into it.

Solution: Trust your body. Don’t think that you have to dominate every workout with full force in order to succeed. Instead, alter your idea of success to be staying active in a way that works for you. (Jessi K.)

#6 Am I lonely in my fitness journey?

It’s far easier to stay motivated when you are surrounded by people with similar interests and goals. Find others with similar fitness goals and train together. Share your ideas, struggles and successes. It will make everyone stronger and more focused.

Solution: You can’t achieve your fitness goals without support. Find someone who knows your goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and will be there to push you further. (William Imbo — Boxlife)

#7 Am I not making my health a priority?

Many people don’t think they have the time to squeeze fitness into their busy schedules. With work, family, and other responsibilities, workouts tend to fall by the wayside. Remember that your health is a priority. If you realize its true value, you will find a way to make time for it. (Julia Buckley)

Solution: Try adding up all the time you spend on other activities, such as watching TV, or browsing the internet. You’ll see that you have more time than you think. (Mike Jackson)

When facing a dilemma, taking a pause and evaluating the root of the problem is vital to future success. Don’t let a fitness failure keep you from moving forward. Take some time to figure out what’s been holding you back, re-evaluate your approach, and get back to pursuing your goals.